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Pawn Shops 101

Why should I go to a pawn shop for a loan?

Pawn is just another word for collateral loan. A pawn loan is an easy way to borrow money without credit checks or additional hassles. The loan is based solely on the value of the collateral, not your credit score. You bring the item(s) in, we tell you how much we can give you. You pay off the loan, we give you back your item(s). Its that simple.

How do pawn shops work?

A pawn shop is a quick, convenient and most importantly, confidential way to borrow money. There are no legal actions or consequences when a customer defaults on a loan. 

How old do I need to be to pawn or sell an item?

In accordance with New Mexico laws, an individual must be at least 18 years of age with a valid ID.

What kind of items do you take?

We take a wide variety of items for collateral loans. We accept power and hand tools, laptops, tablets, game consoles and accessories, jewelry, musical instruments, antiques, firearms, anything of value. If ever you're unsure, just give us a call and we'll be happy to give you more information.

Can I get a price over the phone?

Unfortunately we cannot give an exact price over the phone. Due to variations in items, its condition and shifting market values, a specific price can only be obtained after a physical inspection of the item. We do however encourage you to contact us.  If we can be provided with enough information, we can usually give you a "ballpark" estimate. 

Should I pawn or sell?

That is entirely up to you. Your decision to sell or pawn should be based upon whether or not you want to retain the item. When items have emotional value, using the item as collateral for a loan makes sense. The option of a collateral loan on your property is an option that is seldom provided by gold buyers and jewelry stores.

How long do I have before I lose my item(s)?

The loan term in New Mexico is 30 days.  However, if the individual taking out the loan makes the minimum monthly interest payment, the loan can be extended almost indefinitely. We understand the difficulty of having to pawn an item with sentimental value, so we are always willing to work with you to establish a payment plan that works best.

How do you determine the value of an item?

We base our loan amounts on the value of the item, its current condition and our ability to resell the item should the borrower default on their loan. We use a variety of resources to determine the value of the item and work hard to get you the most money possible. We test precious metals and gems to determine quality and authenticity. 

Do I need to worry about purchasing a stolen item?

Pawn shops are some of the worst places to try and turn stolen goods into cash.  Pawn shops are highly regulated and work closely with local and federal law enforcement officials. 

Can I make a payment over the phone?

We understand that people are busy and getting down to the store in time can be a hassle. We do accept payments over the phone for a small 3% charge.

How old do I need to be to purchase a firearm?

Handguns(pistols & revolvers)- In accordance with federal regulations, a licensed dealer may not sell a hand gun or ammunition to any individual under the age of 21.  

Long Guns (rifles & shot guns) - In accordance with federal regulations, a licensed dealer may not sell or deliver a long gun or ammunition to any individual under the age of 18.  

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